Technology platform

Ambiotis proposes fully validated experimental protocols. A custom-made strategy can also be elaborated thanks to a technology block assembly, in order to turn research issues into experimental solutions.


Our cell-based assays (human primary cells) and in vivo models (mice and rats) allow to address multiple research questions:

  • Inflammation
  • Resolution
  • Tissue and skin protection
  • Immuno-modulation
  • Immuno-toxicity
  • Senescence
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell function (phagocytosis, oxidative burst…)
  • Compound bioavailability
  • Other : please contact us

analytical Technologies


- Identification and characterization of cell populations or receptors

- Reactive oxygen species quantification

- Intracellular cytokines or chemokines

Fluorometry and luminometry

- Macrophage phagocytosis capacities

- Reactive oxygen species quantification

- Quantification of cytokines, chemokines or lipids (ELISA/EIA)

Real-Time PCR

- Gene expression profiling

- Nanofluidic array

Multiplex technology

- Quantification of cytokines or chemokines

Lipid quantification (LC-MS/MS ou GC-FID)

- Eicosanoids (Inflammatory mediators, SPMs)

- Endocannabinoids

- Fatty acids (saturated, mono/poly-unsaturated…) : omega-3, omega-6, skin fatty acids…

- Cholesterol, sterols, triglycerides

- Squalene


- Inflammatory cell infiltration

- Tissue integrity

- Disease scoring