Ambiotis new publication : First-in-class drug with resolutive properties

Ambiotis is very proud to have actively participated with OSE Immunotherapeutics to the development of an antibody that targets resolution of inflammation pathways. ChemR23 is a GPCR targeted by Resolvin E1. OSE-230 is an anti-ChemR23 agonist antibody that have been shown to promote efferocytosis (clearance of dead cells by macrophages) and reduce apoptosis of neutrophils; major hallmarks of inflammation resolution. It also triggered resolution in chronic colitis model with beneficial impact on tissue lesions, fibrosis and inflammation-driven tumors. This is a first-in-class drug dealing with pro-resolutive properties.

Check the publication here :“Agonist anti-ChemR23 mAb reduces tissue neutrophil accumulation and triggers chronic inflammation”. 

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