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Science : Omega-3 and COVID19

Could Omega-3 protect us against mortality due to COVID-19?

Here is a recent publication that reports the results of a pilot study which found a potential link between low Omega-3 Index levels and mortality from COVID-19 infection.

DHA and EPA (also generally known as Omega-3 fatty acids) have indeed been studied for their pro-resolutive activities in inflammation processes. These nutritionally available marine fatty acids may also help reduce risk for adverse outcomes in COVID-19 patients! here you can find more information about this study : click here

Fascinating how nutrition may improve our health!

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New activities : animal health

Animal heath, feed or nutritional comfort : Ambiotis has now opened new services to test your innovations for animal wellness. 

As an expert in the understanding of immuno-inflammatory processes, Ambiotis supports you in the deciphering of the mechanisms of action and the proof of concept of your products, by offering a wide variety of biological models, ranging from pre-clinical cell models to sample analysis from clinical studies. 

We also propose approaches to study inflammation processes in a completely innovative and differentiating way, by our specific knowledge of inflammation resolution, recognized as the necessary biological process to stop inflammation and restore homeostasis in tissues.  

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